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For Irrfan Khan, the villagers changed the name of the village, what is the whole matter

       Published 3 weeks ago on May 12, 2020

Today, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan is not with us, he died in Mumbai on April 29. So far no one is convinced that Irfan Khan is no longer with us. Ever since the death of the actor, people have been sharing his talks, videos and photographs. But one villager in Maharashtra has changed the name of his village after the death of the actor. There is a long story behind it. For your information, let me tell you that once actor Irrfan Khan went to that village, where he helped people a lot.After this, he became a lover of them. Today the villagers became fans of Irrfan Khan, now after his death, he changed the name of his village and paid tribute to the actor. According to a news, people of Igatpuri area near Tringalwadi Fort in Maharashtra are crazy about Irfan Khan.His passion for the actor was such that he would go to see any Irrfan Khan film released. While there is no cinema hall in his village and 30 km from his village. He used to travel 30 kilometers away from Nashik and used to watch the actor’s film.In order to pay tribute to Irrfan Khan, the people of the area have changed the name to Hero Chi Wadi. Which means Hero’s neighbor. District Council member Gorakh Bodke of Igatpuri told that, we are renaming the village as Hero Chi Wadi on official basis.

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